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Injection Molding


Scieval's scientists and engineers have well over 50 years of combined experience in injection molding, compression molding and insert molding techniques and designs in the following areas.

  • Standard lenses

  • Aspheric lenses

  • Binary lenses and Kinoforms

  • Fresnel lenses

  • Micro optics

  • Diffractive elements

  • Mirrors

  • Wave guides

  • Replicated Surface Relief Structures

  • Opto-mechanical components

  • Integrated lighting assemblies

  • Automotive lighting components

Examples of typical mechanical and optical tolerances for a molded part are shown below. This is just and example. Scieval will eagerly work with you to ensure that the delivered parts will meet or exceed your expectations.


Typical Injection Molded Part Tolerances

Linear Dimensions

± 0.0005 in


± 0.001 in.

Refractive Index Variation

±  0.005

Stress Induced Index

±  0.02

Surface Figure

2 to 3 Fringes

Surface Quality


Shape Accuracy

1/4 wave


2 to 3 Fringes


2 to 3 Fringes

Focal Length


Surface Finish

< 20 nm Ra


< 2 arc min


Please contact Scieval with your injection molding or injection-compression molding specifications. We have the expertise and experience to move you from prototype to production.

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