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Product For Sale and License


Scieval LLC presently has several products available for sale or license. We have patents pending in the following technologies:

PLD™ Device or Patterned Light Distribution Device

(Patents Pending # 13094324, 13445814)

PLD BacklilghtThe PLD© Device is an apparatus used as the main element of a backlighting system. Our light pipe was developed with the goal of eliminating both prismatic films and diffuser films. We succeeded in our goal, and additionally have also eliminated the reflector normally used below the light pipe. One additional added benefit to our technology is, we can design the device to emit the light into a defined cone angle. Whether you are interested in a standard 30 degree symmetrical cone standard in conventional systems, or say a 10 or 40, we can meet your requriements .Our device can also provide nonsymmetrical outputs useful in 3D display and architectural lighting. This technology has been employed in light pipes ranging in size from a few inches to over 24 inch diagonals. For more information on this product, please contact us


Optical Proximity Device

(Patent Pending # 61497619)


The Optical Proximity Device is an apparatus that accurately neasures the distance between two objects. The device works well in adverse weather conditions as well as all temperatures. In conjuction with a secondary circuit, the device can be used to accurately determine the stop position of a door or other motor controlled object. For more information on this product, please contact us at


Advanced Chaotic Encryption System (ACES™)

(Patent Pending # 61600784)

An Advanced Chaotic Encryption System (ACES™) is method which employs an encryption and decryption assembly.
The encryption assembly contains components used to define and form a specific chaotic waveform, components used to determine the sample rate and subsequently sample the chaotic waveform, components used to identify inflection points and/or extrema in the chaotic waveform, components to embed a message within the chaotic waveform, components used to introduce sufficient noise (electronic or similar in effect) to obscure and/or mask the chaotic waveform and components to transmit the chaotic waveform. For more information on this product, please contact us at .


Quantum Chaos with Matched Filter(QCMF™)

(Patent Pending # 61600898)

A Quantum Chaos with Matched Filter (QCMFTM) is a method which employs an encryption and decryption assembly and whose purpose is to improve the technical factors limiting Quantum Key Distribution communication systems. For more information on this product, please contact us at


Chaos Based Using Available Spectrum Communications System (CHASM™)

(Patent Pending # 61602222)

A “Chaos Based using Available Spectrum” (CHASMTM) communication system which employs a chaotic waveform emitter and a matched filter receiver, with the capability to operate within a fragmented spectral range of radio frequencies (RF) or optical frequencies in a coherent fashion as a broadband single transmit channel. For more information on this product, please contact us at


Scieval LLC is presently submitting patent applications in three other technologies. These include:

  • Optical Collectors Plate for use in areas such Solar Panels and Alternate Energy Collection.

  • Large Field of View Low DIstortion Optics for use in the surveillance industry.

  • Imaging technology for environments containing turbulence, moving obscurations or smoke.

  • Light Shaping Optics used to shape and homogenize a discrete source. The output angles are with symmetric or asymmetric and available at angle ranging from 0.5 degrees to 130 degrees FWHM (Full Width Half Max).

  • Chaotic communication used for wireless technologies.

Scieval LLC is currently working on additional projects in displays, wireless comminication, illumination and spectroscopy. Please contact us with your requirements.


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